Negril Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, cliffs and entertainment. Over the years, Negril has been the Party Capital of the Western region with local events on a nightly basis and big concerts that features our best local and international acts.

Since the increase of crime, there has been a hold on all permits for any type of entertainment events happening in the tourist town. Not only are locals being affected but most tourist who visits Negril for the first time or regularly always look forward to a wonderful evening of live music, big concert or a local dance.

We do understand that people live’s come first, however not having the option of entertainment is certainly not good for us since most people living in Negril benefits from the Entertainment industry. Some may not do so directly but the cake is shared among many from vendors, janitorial crew, taxi operators, promoters and more.

Because of this, a petition was created to help Save Negril Entertainment Industry and there has been meetings at the Negril Community Center to see how we can get our entertainment back. Everyone of us can help save Negril and this is why we are asking you to sign the petition that can be found here

Certainly would love to hear your thoughts about Entertainment in Negril Jamaica.


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