IT’S OVER! Jessica Haughton Home Safe

    They gave me their clothes and when I asked the how long I've been here and they said 3 days- I couldn't believe it


    The Next time You Question why You Love Jamaica Remember the Last few days how we came Together as a Village to Fellowship Support, and Show Love and Concern for a Friend many had Never Met.

    And We Also Witnessed the Beauty of Our Jamaican Brethren and Sisters that made us Fall in Love with this Place to begin with.

    Praise Jah and his Children

    Praise this Amazing Family

    Thank You Mark Much Love and Respect


    From Mark Swainbank

    IT’S OVER!

    Jessica is in the hospital and is in great condition 🙂 The story is too long to tell now, but is an amazing testament to people working together from far and wide. All that matters now is Jessica looks great

    As this played out, we all had to play out the possibilities in our minds. But, did we consider that a family took her in, fed her, clothed her and made her welcome. she said to me “Mark, they had no money, but they had dignity and class. They fed me beans and bread and the best Ackee I’ve ever had. They gave me their clothes and when I asked the how long I’ve been here and they said 3 days- I couldn’t believe it…” She talked all the way to the hospital of their kindness and I had tears in my eyes-

    God bless Jamaica and it’s people. Thank you God- Jah- Eternal Creator for the peace with which the situation ended. Thank you all for keeping the vibes high- amazing…absolutely Amazing!

    LATEST UPDATE: July 30th, 2016


    Jessica has left the Island with her father. She is ineed of some rest and some good family time. As you can see from the photo that it was taken at Sangster International Airport (MBJ)

    Debbie Lee Forbes Fletcher Posted the following.

    “Blessings and Safe travels to Jessica and her Dad! Jessica we love you and so happy you are headed home to spend time with your family! Blessings”



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