Negril Fish Beach Dumping Ground


Negril Fish Beach, the new dumping haven.

When you think of the Negril Fish Beach, they are a few things that come to your mind immediately and I’m sure it’s certainly not a pile of garbage, bread bags, burning plastics or a pack of used condoms.

Negril Fish Beach Dumping Ground

Well, that is certainly the case when the NFC team visited. Garbage was everywhere, from vending area to the end of the dock. We could see garbage floating in the water and no-one took the time out to even pick up anything. Instead, they thought it was cool to just throw things any and everywhere.

The drains were not blocked but the foul odor that welcomes you really says a lot. “Help Me Please”. When you walk around, you can see pile of garbage in every corner. Even the fishermen camps are surrounded and they too have contributed to this garbage madness.

The commercial garbage bin was not present but the location where it was, was filled with garbage as if there is an invisible garbage container that only the people their could see. When asked about the garbage bin, a man explained “the garbage pan rotten ,so we haffi do weh we haffi do”

Many persons can recall when the Negril Fish Beach was a haven of its own, from small shops serving fried fish, festivals, bread, coffee and natural juices. We can still purchase fresh produced on the weekends but the smell of the place will make you think twice when this should not be the case.

This is the place where almost every person living in Negril visits in order to purchase fresh sea food, vegetables and fruits.

Now our once known beauty is nothing but garbage, smelly drains and you know the rest. Our intention is not to offend anyone but to show what is happening and also how we can make a change.


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