The Limation Story


Inspired by the Caribbean and nature’s plethora of succulent fruits, Limation is the passion of a true Caribbean gem. For centuries, Limeade with rich cane sugar has been synonymous with the Caribbean and a staple beverage for families around the Caribbean.

With this love and fond memories of her childhood, Charmaine has put an ingenious twist on traditional limeade by infusing the refreshing drink with pure organics such as heavenly lavender, exotic passion fruit and delicious watermelon. Introduced Spring 2014, Limation has won the Harlem Business Alliance’s 5th Annual Business Plan Competition as well as numerous palates in the USA.

Featuring all natural ingredients, Limation is a dream for lovers of true organic beverages. There are no preservatives, added dyes or chemicals, just pure and wholesome goodness in every sip.

A beverage for every occasion, Limation is simply delicious and refreshing to the last drop. Imagine a sweltering summer’s day, the only beverage that will energize you and whet your taste buds is Limation. Not only is it thirst quenching, but Limation’s flavors of lavender, passion fruit and watermelon embody an amazing permeating aroma that pleases the senses and inspires the soul. It’s nature’s true bounty.

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