There has been many negative Impact on Jamaica over the past year, however we have been able to ranked #1 on Trip Advisor for the best vacation Island.

Jamaica is known for its combination of Music, Food, History, Culture, Nature and the Fun People. Making the top list on Trip Advisor takes a lot of work from all of us. Yes, every Jamaican contributes.

President of the JHTA, Omar Robinson said “Ranking number one in the Caribbean is the result of a commitment of our tourism players to deliver a high level of service with quality products. This achievement reflects the opinions of our customers and is the ultimate affirmation.”

“There is no doubt Jamaica continues to be a world-class destination, which is due to our accommodations, attractions and the employees are among the best in the world.”

Visitors arrival has increased tremendously over the past 4 years, recording the highest arrivals in July of 211,000. This is something to be proud of and lets us all continue and work harder to stay on top.

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