After a hard day of toiling in the fields, (grung) under the merciless heat of the sun, Miss Mable carefully puts away her farm tools and packs her large basket with her freshly dug ground provisions. The soft black dirt still clinging to the coarse outer skin of the yellow yams.

She was tired and hastily wiped the sweat that had gathered on her forehead. She also tucked in the hair that had got lose from her coloured scarf that tied her head. Her fingers had scars to show how unkind the farming can be at times. Her facial expression emanated an ancestral beauty. Nevertheless, it was a good harvest and she felt proud.

She knew all too well what hardwork is like but she also knew the rewards that it can bring, especially from a good sale in the marketplace. But Miss Mable also knew the pain of losses; from thieves reaping her crops like they were the ones who planted it, to losing produce because of a waterlogged soil or through the harshness of drought upon the land. She has even had losses due to parasites infesting the yams. But most importantly, she knew about determination and doing things little at a time, until she can benefit from the rewards.

After taking a drink from her water jug to quench her thirst, Miss Mable expertly placed the katta ( a piece of cloth or dried grass, shaped into a ring that is put on the head to aid in balancing heavy loads) on her head-top and the basket next. Water boot clad, she carefully made her way out the field and headed to her home to clean and bag the yams for market day.

Miss Mable’s story reminds us of a very powerful Jamaican proverb “One, one cocoa full basket”. This simply meant that success does not come overnight. You are expected to invest time, effort ,sacrifice, resilience, patience and appropriate resources into what you wish to achieve; little by little, step by step, until you have garnered enough strength, enough value, enough wisdom to progress. 

In addition, to not be afraid or intimidated by people or obstacles and being able to, at the end of the day reap the “fruits of your labour”. To go even further and say that when you have accomplished this, you must be appreciative, humble and grateful for coming that far.

Until next time- One Love,One Heart.

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