Digicel Horrible Broadband Service

Digicel is a joke when it comes to internet service and support.


It started on the 29th of August 2017, modem lights flash without syncing or getting a steady signal. Because this can happen to any wireless service, I ignored it for a couple days hoping that it will start working.

September 2nd when we finally decided to report the outage, we found out that Digicel no longer provide support via their mobile phones so we had to purchase mobile data to access their live chat. (Yes image a mobile operator not providing support via their mobile phones). When we got to an agent, we were told that they is no known issue in the area and it would be best for me to reset the modem. I tried the solution and nothing worked.

After a couple more days of no service, the process was repeated. Purchasing more mobile data to contact support, finally an agent pickup the chat and when told the issue we are still facing, she advice that their was an issue but its now resolved. 24hrs passed and no internet service so i contact their support again and was told this time to press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, unplug the power cord and press and hold the rest button for another 30 seconds then plug it back in.

This work for only 10-15 minutes and for weeks we had to be resetting modem like a complete fool for Digicel. After numerous contact with live chat, we found out the issue was with a specific modem and they will issue a credit once the monthly subscription has expired but they were no ETA on when the problem will be resolved.

When the month was expired, we contact them again for the so called promise credit, they told us that they will investigate and the account will be credited within 24hrs. How much credit will be issued? “I am not able to provide that information but your account will reflect the specific amount”. When login after the 24hrs, I noticed $300 was added to the account, we got a credit for $300 after not having the service we subscribed to. This was unbelievable so another live chat using mobile data, the agent said we got a credit for 3 days. Keep in mind that Digicel charges $350/day for broadband, how can $300 be a credit for 3 days.

I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told I had to leave a contact number and a call back will be issued. About 2hrs after, i got a call from a supervisor telling me the same story as the agent, when i mentioned and told her i had proof of the time the service was out, she went quiet and i was fair enough to request two weeks credit. She also advise that she will issue $1200 credit total but two weeks of data is $2000. Still does not add up but what can i do when they are in control of something i use for work.

This intermittent service continued until the end of November, they were no more flashing lights or reset but it got so slow i was not able to do anything on the internet. So i still continued to pay for a service that don’t work 80% of the time.

January 15th 2018, the service got even worst and the best part, our location was closer to the Digicel tower which should result in high speed and consistent service. Its now the 22nd of January I am still trying to load a page. A speed test was done and it showed less that 1mb with the upload speed cant even be tested.

Thank you Digicel for your great broadband service and false advertising because not only do you not provide the service but you also cheat customers from their credit as you promised.

I certainly would not recommend Digicel to anyone and look forward to something better. Please note that I am not the only person who was experiencing this as i have checked and spoke to few of my neighbors who just had enough of this service.


Start Time: 02/23/2018 13:53:37
End Time: 02/23/2018 14:16:29


Agent has joined the chat.
[13:53:37] Agent: : Extraordinary Day. You are speaking with Renee. How may I assist with your Digicel Jamaica query?
[13:54:15] Agent: : I am 200 feet or less from the digicel tower. Why dont your internet works?
[13:54:53] Agent: : The internet is so SLOW it cant even load a page or do a speed test
[13:54:55] Agent: : LATENCY TEST ERROR Could not connect to the test server. A firewall could be blocking the connection or the server might be having some issues. Please try again later.
[13:55:28] Agent: : im actually tired of the crappy service digicel offers!
[13:56:00] Agent: : i dont use the internet for social media, its for work.
[13:56:03] Agent: : i cannot get anything done
[13:56:05] Agent: : nothing
[13:56:12] Agent: : i need some solution
[13:56:17] Agent: : ASAP
[13:57:20] Agent: : Pleased to advise Oscar.
[13:57:33] Agent: : Please provide me with the MAC ID or Service number for the account.
[13:58:02] Agent: : Service Billing Number:
[13:58:09] Agent: : Thank you.
[13:58:29] Agent: : 10201077337
[13:58:52] Agent: : Thank you.
[13:58:57] Agent: : Where are you located?
[13:59:16] Agent: : Negril, 110 feet from the tower
[14:00:04] Agent: : Kindly hold while I check my systems regarding this.
[14:01:40] Agent: : lol
[14:02:43] Agent: : Thank you for holding Oscar.
[14:03:56] Agent: : Are you close to Negril NWC office?
[14:04:09] Agent: : Yes
[14:04:25] Agent: : i live on the housing scheme
[14:04:35] Agent: : across the road from the tower
[14:05:18] Agent: : Thank you for that information.
[14:05:22] Agent: : Continue holding.
[14:06:18] Agent: : How many signal lights are on the modem?
[14:06:54] Agent: : Renee
[14:07:03] Agent: : please be realistic here
[14:07:11] Agent: : i dont have time to waste
[14:07:18] Agent: : if im 100ft from the twoer
[14:07:20] Agent: : tower
[14:07:25] Agent: : then i must have 3 lights
[14:07:32] Agent: : the service is the issue
[14:07:35] Agent: : not the signal
[14:08:02] Agent: : Collecting all the details to allow this issue to be investigated further.
[14:08:26] Agent: : the issue is not just now
[14:08:31] Agent: : so they are aware
[14:08:40] Agent: : what i need to know, when will this improve
[14:08:46] Agent: : this is not new to digicel
[14:08:50] Agent: : they know the service is crap
[14:09:05] Agent: : when will we get the speed we are paying for
[14:09:38] Agent: : i know they have you on the front line to take the licks but im not blaming you
[14:09:46] Agent: : we need the service to improve
[14:10:13] Agent: : they need to install more transponders and stop taking customers for ass
[14:11:57] Agent: : I would like to request a call back from a manager
[14:11:57] Agent: : I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing with our 4G broadband services. Our technicians are working assiduously to have this resolved. At this time, we are not able to provide a definite timeframe for a resolution. The service will not be upgraded due to our transitions to Fibre to the Home and LTE, however we are making attempts to ensure the current broadband service that is offered can be maintained until such transitions have been fully completed.
[14:12:34] Agent: : A supervisor call back request will be submitted for you. The call back will be received within 24 hours and they will advise from there for a Manager.
[14:13:23] Agent: : thanks for the copy paste
[14:13:29] Agent: : that was very professional of you
[14:13:36] Agent: : however that does not resolve my issue and i have paid for a service that i not being received
[14:14:26] Agent: : In the interim, we assist with any applicable waiver of fees for the poor/no service that you may experience. You are able to request compensation when the plan expires.
[14:14:29] Agent: : not even the chat works, it take 15 seconds to go through
[14:14:36] Agent: : 875 xxxx
[14:14:37] Agent: : I have already written an online review about the services offered
[14:14:41] Agent: : and im happy to update it based on our conversation
[14:15:48] Agent: : my contact infor for the call back. 349 xxxx / 895 xxxx
[14:16:03] Agent: : Thank you for that information.
[14:16:15] Agent: : The request was submitted on your behalf.
The visitor has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (14:16:29)

March 6th:

Start Time: 04/06/2018 08:13:02
End Time: 04/06/2018 08:32:41


Agent has joined the chat.
[08:13:02] Agent: : Dear Oscar, thank you for contacting Digicel Jamaica. Your agent is Kemmoy. How may I assist you today?
[08:13:11] Agent: : Morning
[08:13:47] Agent: : I have a modem with active service but it’s not powering up
[08:14:18] Agent: : I want to transfer this service to another modem
[08:14:53] Agent: : The modem with service is 10201077337
[08:16:24] Agent: : I want that service to bring transferred to 10201125012
[08:16:36] Agent: : Pleasure to assist.
It’s been a while since your last response. Please respond within the next few minutes or this chat will be ended.
[08:19:54] Agent: : Regrettably, an active plan is not able to be transferred.
[08:20:09] Agent: : So what should I do
[08:20:16] Agent: : The modem has no power
[08:20:26] Agent: : And I have gotten this done before
[08:20:47] Agent: : What type of service provider are you guys?
[08:21:03] Agent: : I need the service transferred
[08:21:19] Agent: : Once there is an issue with the modem you are able to call back after the plan expires , so we can assist.
[08:21:52] Agent: : Are you understanding your statement
[08:22:06] Agent: : How will you assist?
[08:22:14] Agent: : I need my credit
[08:22:20] Agent: : It is paid for
[08:22:36] Agent: : What sense does it make to wait for you to assist?
[08:23:18] Agent: : Is this another underhanded approach by your company?
[08:23:52] Agent: : We have to reset these modem everyday but you don’t even honor your service agreement
[08:24:10] Agent: : Regrettably, we are unable to make any adjustments while a plan is active on the account.
[08:24:32] Agent: : I think the fact is that you guys don’t want to
[08:24:52] Agent: : So you can keep the payment and save on bandwidth
[08:25:05] Agent: : I refuse to take this silly excuse
[08:25:35] Agent: : I have worked in this industry for over 10yrs and what you are saying makes no sense
[08:25:52] Agent: : So I think you should get a supervisor to handle this
[08:27:16] Agent: : Regrettably, a supervisor is not available at this time. I will request for you to be contacted by a supervisor within 24 hours.
[08:27:24] Agent: : Lol
[08:28:16] Agent: : Awesome, customer service is closed and when it’s open their is no empathy towards customers
[08:28:39] Agent: : This will be part two of my story on Digicel.
[08:29:07] Agent: : What is the number for call back?
[08:30:03] Agent: : Please confirm your mobile number as 1876895xxxx.
[08:30:24] Agent: : I await the call
[08:30:54] Agent: : It was my pleasure assisting .Thank you for making it Digicel Oscar, your agent today was Kemmoy. Have an extraordinary day.
[08:30:58] Agent: : I need a copy of the chat
[08:31:57] Agent: : You have the option to save the transcript at the bottom of your screen.
[08:32:18] Agent: : Thanks
[08:32:36] Agent: : It was my pleasure assisting .Thank you for making it Digicel Oscar, your agent today was Kemmoy. Have an extraordinary day.
[08:32:36] Agent: : Please end the chat so I can see it
Agent has left the chat.
The chat is ended. (08:32:41)

Still no calls and the new update is below.

UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2018 and the issue is still not resolved. It has gotten worst.

I called and spoke to Brain who was very helpful and tried his best to explain and defend the services provided by Digicel. This is an issue that is 75% resolved for the past 10 month and they are waiting some components to fully resolve it in our area.

Digicel has not made any public notice about this issue and continue to sell the service that does not work for 1-2hrs without loosing connectivity.



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