Negril Beach Park Now & Then


In the early 90s, Negril was more community oriented with amenities like the Negril Beach Park, Negril Carnival and other activities that use to keep the kids busy for the summer and other holidays.

The basketball court was always busy and we had teams waiting to see who will be playing next, football area was always overcrowded since it was the most popular game then. Don’t forget the smaller kids swinging and sliding in the playground while families and friends enjoyed the beautiful beach that was kept clean by George from Good Hope. Lifey was the lifeguard that was always present on the beach and his job was not only to watch over us but he also help to keep the beach clean and provided other assistance when required.

Every weekend George would turn on the Sound system (TG SOUND) and make sure the park was cleaned and ready for us to enjoy the day. It was garbage free from one area to the next, well kept and most of all safe!.

After George gave up the park and migrated, everything started to go down hill, the park was cleaned now and then, no repairs and the community slowly disappeared to other areas doing other actives that was no longer positive with negative influences.

The beach was always available, however the bathroom was never kept clean even when someone was present collecting money to keep it up to standard but that was never done.

The park was transformed by Kubba into his other version of MX111, focusing on Sunday’s and nightly events and the whole purpose of the park slowly deteriorated into evening and night life, attracting party goers and everything else that was not for kids or the community.

After all was done, the park was closed, fenced and left for numerous years with no real intention of making this available again for the community. When We called and spoke to Negril Chamber of Commerce and they advise that they have been trying to get Negril Green island Planning Association to renovate and beautify the park for years with no real success.

When we spoke to Althea Stewart from Negril Green island Planning Association, she told us that they are awaiting funds and its is now closed by the TPDCO. However a new bathroom is being built since none has been there for years.

When we went to the beach park, we were greeted with garbage all over and the place was close with only an access to the beach that you also had to skip all type of garbages.
If you visit the park at night, you will be greeted with Sex Sellers and buyers and this is not what it was created for. Condoms are all over the place and sometimes even in the water and becareful where you step because it can be in someones mess!

Now its 2018 and we the people of Negril would love to have the park renovated so our kids can a have nice place where they can meet new friends and build a positive energy. At this time there is no where in Negril for the kids or community since everything is for tourist, night life or some other negative influence.

Every community needs a park and that is why this was developed in the first place, we are calling on the relevant authorities to look into this matter urgently because this in one of the reasons why our kids are driven to negativity. Nothing positive is being offered in Negril for the youths.

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