Cop shot dead in Negril Jamaica

Not a member of the Negril Police Department


WESTMORELAND, NEGRIL Jamaica — The police say a constable has been shot dead in Negril, Westmoreland.

In a tweet to social media website Twitter a short while ago, the Jamaica Constabulary Force said police officers are now on high alert following the cop’s death.

There has been numerous incidents in Negril whrere people are getting shot but there has not been a report over the years of any member of the JCF being killed.


A Police Constable attached to the Hanover DIU was shot on a beach in Negril while  celebrating his birthday. Constable Alder was approached by two men riding a motorcycle who opened fire killing him.

It is believed that a previous attempt had been made on the life of the Westmoreland cop who was killed on his 28th birthday Monday night.

News has been making the rounds in police circles that the cop — Constable Andre Alder, of Bath District in Savanna-la-Mar Westmoreland — had been shot at recently and that he had expressed fear for his life and that of his family.

It is understood that he wanted to drop the case due to that fear for life and family.

Loop News understands that the men who had shot at Alder, on that previous occasion, were arrested shortly after the incident.

Alder — who was on suspension from duties and who was working as a courtesy corpsofficer — was shot and killed in Negril, Westmoreland while on a lunch break.

The incident occurred around 7:45 at the Casa Blanca Villa plaza in the Negril square.

Alder was shot multiple times — in the face, back of the head and to the body — by the pillion rider of a motorbike.

A co-worker — who had been walking with Alder and who ran for cover in a nearby premises — was unharmed.

Alder was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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