Traffic Police Invade Negril Day After Police Man Death


Since the past few months, we have been seeing a lot of Traffic Police in Negril. Taking bikes, removing license plates and seizing some vehicles which are not ready for the road.

But when crime is rising in a tourist town, there should be more interest in trying to reduce crime instead of trying to issue out traffic tickets. Yes, most of the police in Negril are now targeting traffic as it seems vehicles are now doing crimes.

Heading to west end on a daily basis, you will definitely see a road block or a group of police officers walking along the road looking in vehicles and sometimes randomly pulling over taxis, private cars and motor bikes.

Speaking to a few taxi operators and they all think they are being targeted because its just a hustle and no crime prevention plan has been put in place. One taxi operator even handed over his papers to a police officer after he was stop everyday at the same spot.

Police and taxi operators had a joint meeting in the Bus Park where the head of the police told his fellow officers that stopping the same taxi everyday is harassment and they should focus on other things.

Negril is very known for its relaxing environment but lately crime has been spreading all areas of the beautiful town, from tourist being shot, business persons and lately a police officer died from the result of a gun shot.

We the residents of Negril would love to see the police being more involved in crime prevention methods instead of every office trying to be a traffic police.


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