UK Woman Dumps Fiance for Jamaican Lover who fleeced her £10k

Louise Chesney, 24, was set to marry her perfect man when a local hotel worker caught her eye on holiday


Chelsea 24 and Paul 48 was in Jamaica to plan their perfect beach wedding until it was unraveled when Chelsea eyes caught a handsome local hotel worker Caffrey Brown.

When Paul proposed to Chelsea it was like heavens coming to a reality and then she was even more excited to have the weeding in Negril Jamaica. They were both so deeply in love  but she could not wait to marry her perfect man.

After a few days into their romantic vacation, Chelsea could not help but notice Caffrey Brown and after Paul went to bed early because of headache, they shared a kiss. After the kiss, they exchanged phone numbers.

The couple returned home to the UK but things was not the same with Chelsea since her heart was in Jamaica, she ended the relationship with Paul and called off the wedding. Her family and friends could not believe this and Paul was left devastated, heart broken and betrayed by the love of his life.


Chelsea then broke the news that Caffrey had promised to marry her instead and because she was so in love, she left everything to plan a life with him in the UK.

She spent thousands of pounds on her new boo, while working to save £4,000 for two trips to Jamaica. It was not easy filing paper work, sending money, saving for the vacations. Working 12-hour night shifts she claims, she could pay for her lover to visit her in the UK – also footing his visa bill.

It was not long after that her bank account went dry and she racked up a £3,000 in credit card debt while buying gifts for her new love. She claims she spent £10,000 on him. After the temporary visa was granted, Louise says she paid for his flight to the UK. “I even paid for him to visit the Etihad stadium as he was such a big Manchester City fan,” Louise says.

“But he was really off with me. He barely wanted to touch me but kept telling me he wanted to get married before the end of the year.”

Louise eyes opened even more when she got an angry message via facebook from an American woman. “I got the shock of my life,” she says. “She claimed she’d miscarried his child too. Caffrey told me it had all been a mistake and begged for me back.”

A few weeks later in Jamaica, she discovered he was also seeing a Canadian girl. “I started throwing things at him,” she says. “I was distraught. Caffrey had all types of excuses and tried to win her back, but enough was enough!. I flew back to the UK a broken woman.”

After this, she was unable to pay her rent and had to move in with her brother who lived very far from where she was living. She can hardly settle her debts and fears bankruptcy.

She says: “I can never forgive Caffrey. He still has his happy life in Jamaica and I’ve got absolutely nothing.”


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