Bicycle Chronicles – The Art of Repetition


Bicycle Chronicles-The Art of Repetition.

Do you remember what it was like the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? Perhaps you were a child when you had your first shot at it. Mount, hands on handle bars, feet up, try to pedal, balance aaaand bicycle curves or tilts and before you know it you have a date with the ground …falling. Perhaps you even had someone helping to keep your balance whilst you hold on. Can you recall the excitement or even the fright? Maybe you got a few bruises, maybe you cried a little ( or alot) but you knew you had to get back on and try again. Right?

How many times did you have to repeat the motion to perfect the skill? Many, many times I am sure. It took committed practice.

In life it sometimes requires that we do something over and over until we learn the art,the trade, the skill or the knowledge to be successful at it. As Robert Collier, American author of self help said “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day- in and day- out.”

In many respects, repetition and by extension duplication is extremely important. But do not forget the discipline and focus it will all require to transform these small repeated actions into the success you desire, to realize your dreams or fulfill your purpose. Never be deterred and remember the old adage of taking “baby steps”.

You can do it. Never give up!

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