Limation unveils its flavors of the Caribbean


(Harlem, New York) The Caribbean-inspired organic limeade beverage collection, Limation, made its official debut on Tuesday, 6 October at a chic and sophisticated launch party in Port Morris, New York. Held at Port Morris Distillery’s, (PMD) luxe lounge, Limation’s launch was amazing and heartfelt. The life-long dream of a courageous and driven daughter of the Caribbean, Charmaine DaCosta, Limation is a simply delectable and brilliantly created.

A beverage for all seasons and occasions, Limation is great as a mixer or on-the-rocks. Its versatility was proven at the launch party, where attendees enjoyed signature drinks made with PMD’s spirits. Limation paired beautifully with Picorro Coquito, (a Puerto Rican moonshine infused with coconut and cinnamon), and PMD’s signature spirit, Picorro Shine.

Hailing from the breath-taking island of Jamaica, Limation’s trend-setting creator, Charmaine DaCosta is charting new waters for her company Crude Food with the launch of the Limation brand. She has ingeniously put a new twist on traditional Jamaican limeade by infusing it with delicious flavors of passion fruit, watermelon and lavender – undoubtedly a new and awe-inspiring level of creativity.

Charmaine started her professional life as a singer/songwriter and founding member of the reggae girl group Worl-A-Girl, a dancehall reggae group signed to Chaos/Columbia Records as well as later to the East/West Records label. With Malik Yoba and Worl-A-Girl, she co-wrote the Jamaica Bobsled Chant for the Cool Runnings movie soundtrack.

A longtime New York resident, Charmaine has taught for over eight years as an adjunct professor of business in the subject areas of marketing, business planning and organizational behavior. She has also taught and directed an ESL program for three years. A warm and stellar lady, today she is an ordained pastor as well as an education/career coach.

Sharing Charmaine’s passion and tenacity, friend and business partner, Joanne Indiviglio, is a daughter of the twin isles of Trinidad & Tobago. With over 20 years experience in sales and senior management in the electronics and food manufacturing industry, Joanne brings immense expertise and insight to Crude Food. For 15 years, Joanne has worked for leading manufacturers of natural and organic foods.

Inspired by the Caribbean and nature’s plethora of succulent fruits, Limation is the passion of a true Caribbean gem. For centuries, Limeade with rich cane sugar has been synonymous with the Caribbean and a staple beverage for families around the Caribbean.

Introduced Spring 2014, Limation has won the Harlem Business Alliance’s 5th Annual Business Plan Competition as well as numerous palates in the USA. Featuring all natural ingredients such as raw cane sugar, organic limes and fruits, Limation is a dream for lovers of true organic beverages. There are no preservatives, added dyes or chemicals, just pure and wholesome goodness in every sip.

A beverage for every occasion, Limation is simply delicious and refreshing to the last drop. Imagine a sweltering summer’s day, the only beverage that will energize you and whet your taste buds is Limation. Not only is it thirst quenching, but Limation’s flavors of lavender, passion fruit and watermelon embody an amazing permeating aroma that pleases the senses and inspires the soul. It’s nature’s true bounty.

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